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    Welcome to Pipelink-Beckham Pte Ltd

    Since 1994, Pipelink-Beckham Pte Ltd is a well established Sole Agent, Distributor & Stockists for premium quality & reputable brand of Steel Pipes, Fittings & Water Tanks.



    Our motto is to offer our customers the complete package: Great service, Competitive pricing and Quality products.

    Mission Statement

    Pipelink-Beckham Pte Ltd is a leader in providing value-added piping services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them by being part of the construction process. We strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients with the highest level of quality pipes at fair and competitive prices. We ensure the longevity of our company through repeated transactions achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.